5 Level Service Option

Commercial Truck Driver Leasing

Personalized and dedicated logistics staffing is our trademark, and commercial driver leasing has never been easier with our "5 Level" Service Option Program. Our services provides you with the "Choice Solution" that can be made by you, to decide what type of leasing program would best fit your operation.

Service Option 1

Full-Service Truck Driver Leasing
Your full-service leasing of commercial drivers with DriverSource helps eliminate many of the costly burdens associated with the employing of CDL truck drivers. Recruiting costs, employee screening, payroll processing, insurances, and workers compensation are all examples of costly burdens you can eliminate in your business. By eliminating these burdens and leasing drivers long term, you are able to invest your time and money in your primary business.

Service Option 2

Lease-to-Hire Program
This service allows our customers the ability to add dedicated commercial drivers for a pre-determined amount of time. Upon the completion of this trial period, customers are free to rollover-approved drivers directly onto your payroll. DriverSource pre-qualifies and does the complete compliance on each commercial driver, which saves your company time and money in the process. In the end, you end up with quality commercial drivers at the fraction of cost it would normally take!

Service Option 3

Casual/Temporary Emergency Coverage
Our most widely used service and equally as vital. With this plan, you instantly have the ability to cover your employees' sick days, vacation days, off-time or seasonal peaks when you need additional personnel to service your customers. Our 24-hour assessable operations staff will provide you with staffing options when you need it most.

Service Option 4

Recruitment Process Outsourcing
This service is a dedicated outsourced recruiting solution that has been created to improve our client's driver recruiting effectiveness. Designed specifically for clients that are unable or unwilling to utilize our leasing services, RPO offers clients direct hire solutions that allow customers to directly hire the drivers recruited by DriverSource. With RPO, DriverSource becomes your dedicated driver recruiting and DOT compliance staff for much less than the cost of internal recruiters and safety departments. Established pricing up front gives you the ability to pre-determine your recruiting budget. With DriverSource and our RPO service, you will always have a team of experienced driver recruiters at your fingertips for only a fraction of the usual cost.


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